Yvonne is Head of Foreign Direct Investment within the Corporate Banking division of Ulster Bank, part of RBS Group.
Yvonne works with new and existing international corporate customers, ensuring their banking requirements are seamlessly met as each company invests and expands in Ireland. As part of this role, Yvonne collaborates closely with RBS (UK and Silicon Valley) and each of Ulster Bank’s 35 global partner banks (the IBOS Association).
Yvonne represents Ulster Bank in the IBOS Association and is the Bank’s designated IBOS Business Development Committee member. Yvonne is also Chairperson of the Ulster Bank FDI Forum.
Prior to joining Ulster Bank in 2007, Yvonne trained as a Chartered Accountant with Andersen and KPMG.
Yvonne holds a Bachelor in Civil Law from University College Cork, a Diploma in Digital Marketing, a Professional Certificate in Digital Age Banking and she is a member of the Institute of Bankers.